Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic
9th Annual






Saturday Sept 27th, 2014-Sunday Sept 28th, 2014

Hinson Lake, Rockingham, North Carolina

$24.00 before September 1, 2014
(Limit 240 entries)

Entry list

8:00 a.m.

All registered runners must wear numbers that are provided.
Laps will be recorded by race officials. Runners, or their pacers, must make sure that each lap is recorded by race officials. The race officials will be alert and attentive but you must announce your presence at the completion of each lap.  Runners may leave the course at any time and later return to the race provided that you leave the course at the start/finish area and check out/check in with race officials.

The course is the 1.5032 mile inner loop that circles the lake. It is a certified course with certification code NC14103DF.  The surface is a soft clay maintained trail through the woods. You will run over 16 small wooden foot bridges including an 300 foot bridge that crosses over the lake. The trail will be marked on race day and will use chem-lights at night.

Pacers will be allowed from the start.

The race will start at the foot bridge on the dam.
This is in the main parking lot at the Rockingham Rotary lodge building.

There is a no refund policy.
You can give your entry to another runner of your choice or let the race director choose a
sub runner for you. It's up to you to work out the $24.00 details.
All extra money goes to charity.

Make checks payable and mail to:
Jerry Lindstrand
1101 Hanford Dr.
Rockingham, NC  28379
(910) 895-9416 Home
Email: jerry.lindstrand@gmail.com


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We will also be taking food donations for the Richmond County Animal Advocates.  Please bring dog and cat foods plus any animal supplies the shelter may need for animals in need.  They can also be found on facebook by clicking on the image below.